Open contract production for advanced optical coatings
Our last but not the least achievements on visible and SWIR ranges:
Visual short bandpass filter at 530 nm with the band width <3 nm (FWHM)
SWIR bandpass filter at 1.5 nm with T>90% and optical density below 5 and up to 1,800 nm
Fluorescent dichroic filters with optical density below 7 and blocking range 300-1,100 nm
Our equipment
Buhler Leybold Optics equipment – the only machine of this class available in the open market in Russia
72 sq m, cleanroom grade ISO 8
Conditioning system
Capacity: up to 3 coating machines
Coating machine
Buhler SYRUSpro 710
Direct optical closed-loop monitoring system
Ion-plasma source assistant
Quality Control
Perkin Elmer LAMBDA 950
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