Open contract production for advanced optical coatings

Our last but not the least achievements from vacuum UV till SWIR ranges:

Solar-blind bandpass filter with blocking of visual till SWIR ranges with OD up to 15
Mirror for 193nm eximer laser resonator with lifetime above 350M cycles
Visual short bandpass filter at 530 nm with the band width <3 nm (FWHM)
SWIR bandpass filter at 1.5 nm with T>90% and optical density below 5 and up to 1,800 nm
Fluorescent dichroic filters with optical density below 7 and blocking range 300-1,100 nm

Our equipment

Buhler Leybold Optics equipment – the only machine of this class available in the open market in Russia
72 sq m, cleanroom grade ISO 8
Conditioning system
Capacity: up to 3 coating machines
Coating machine
Buhler SYRUSpro 710
Direct optical closed-loop monitoring system
Ion-plasma source assistant
Quality Control
Perkin Elmer LAMBDA 950

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